electronic cigarette

Prefer electronic cigarette a healthier option for smoking

Many people have become addicted to smoking though they know the repercussions of smoking. The reason is they become used to the smell of the tobacco. Smoking cigarette is dangerous to health as it affect the organs and different parts of the body. The part of the smoke of the tobacco smoked by the smoker stays inside the body and causes diverse health issues. The smoke affects the lungs, nasal passage and other parts of the body and reports say that smoking leads to cancer. Many people have been suffering from the repercussions of smoking. Smoking not only affects the person who smokes but also the other around them.

The smoke from the tobacco pollutes the air atmosphere and it has become the one of the habit that many people have become addicted and trying to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is been a toughest one for many smokers. They struggle a lot to quit smoking but they are not able to do it because they become more addicted to it. As they used to smoking, quitting smoking frustrates them and they could not be normal if they give up smoking. The fact is that even doctors advise them to give up smoking gradually not immediately because quitting smoking would affect them a lot. So they are advised to reduce amount of cigarettes and then eventually quitting.


Even then many smokers are not able to quit smoking and it affects their health a lot. So, the one of the healthy and convenient way to smoke cigarette is to use electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette is considered as the best alternative for smoking real cigarette because it is not dangerous since it has no tobacco content but only the smell of tobacco. The smell of tobacco is maintained in the electronic cigarette so that the smoker will have the feeling of smoking real cigarette. Electronic device consists of cartridge, vaporizer, battery and coil.

The battery of the electronic cigarette is not rechargeable so smokers can buy it from online stores that sell all items regarding electronic cigarette. The liquid that is used in the electronic cigarette is called as eliquid. This liquid is vaporized so that smoker will smoke the vapour and will have the feeling of smoking and also artificial smoke is also created.  Different flavours of this liquid is available in online stores such as strawberry, raspberry, kiwi and other flavours.