Gastric Sleeve

How To Maintain Gastric Sleeve Diet Properly And Stay Healthier?

Sleeve gastrectomy is an optional surgery for permanent weight loss. This helps the patients to lose weight by shrinking the stomach. To get optimal results, one must do proper analysis on the sleeve diet, that is pre-procedure and post procedure.

Pre- Surgery Instructions

The gastric sleeve diet plan is very important in pre surgery phase. Make sure to follow a liquid diet chart. Protein -rich liquid diet is the best way to keep you healthier before and after surgery. Quit smoking and avoid any type of alcohol intake. Ensure that you talk to your physician in detail about the surgery.


Post-Surgery Instructions

Strictly follow the guidelines set by your Physician. Avoid foods that increase your sugar and fat levels as these will affect your recovery. Some of the side effects are vomiting & nausea. Do not return to your work until you are fully back to normal. Usually it takes two to three weeks to recover post gastric sleeve surgery. Do not lift heavy weights as soon as you return to your normal duties. Ensure that you visit your doctor as per the schedule, in order to heal properly. Do light exercises to strengthen the muscles in order to adapt your body to low level of caloric intake. Since your diet will change, you can learn new recipes according to your taste.

Make sure to rest properly during the initial recovery stage. Strictly follow the medication prescribed by the Doctor. Always consult your physician before taking a decision that you are cured from diabetes or pressure. Multivitamins are a must to have medicine because it is hard to get the right nutrition from the food alone. Calorie count tracker is a must because ensuring your calorie count from 600 to 800 per day is a high success in weight loss. Do not eat or drink foods that are high in calories. Do not drink soda or diet soda. Avoid alcohol post gastric sleeve surgery. The above guidelines and tips are for those who are preparing for, or in their recovery phase from gastric sleeve surgery. These tips are meant to motivate you to start a healthier life. Make sure to strictly follow your physician’s instructions.