Hog Roast for Weddings

Hog Roast for Weddings and Business Events

The do-it-yourself nature of this service is particularly appealing for those who are looking to make a lasting impression during any upcoming event.  Their hog roast package comes fully equipped with:

Not only are full hogs available, but other barbecue items as well as custom-made paella are also possibilities.  Weddings, reunions, corporate gatherings and countless other venues can be addressed.  Hog Roast Yorkshire is a company which specialises in providing all-inclusive meals for any outdoor event within Yorkshire.  Hog Roast Yorkshire is able to meet the needs of between 50 and 3,000 participants and covers these areas www.hogroastsyorkshire.co.uk/areas-cover/

The Hog Roast Itself

  • The pig.
  • The roasting machine.
  • Gas and delivery.
  • Additions such as plates, rolls and side items.
  • An experienced staff to perform the required cooking.

There is also an option to rent the equipment separately as well as to choose only the pig without the additional trimmings. Thus, nearly every need and budget can be easily catered to.

Other Foods

Hog Roast Yorkshire also supplies a large paella dish upon request. Meat, seafood and vegetarian speciality items are all possibilities. Curry and chilli are other variants. Due to this wide variety, the company can supply multiples styles and flavours.

Barbecues are another category which can be addressed by Hog Roast Yorkshire. Of course, the items themselves will vary. Some examples of the dishes that can be supplied include:

  • Beef and lamb burgers.
  • Riverside sausage.
  • Leek and pork sausage.
  • Chicken drumsticks.
  • Barbecued ribs.

It only stands to reason that the requirements of vegetarians should be addressed. Hog Roast Yorkshire therefore offers unique choices such as vegetable burgers, pineapple kebabs, spiced courgettes and vegetarian-style sausages.

All of the Trimmings

In addition to these main courses, Hog Roast Yorkshire provides other culinary delights. Desserts, fish and chips, pizza and salads are all included within their current repertoire. Whether one has a small gathering to host or instead is tackling the needs of hundreds of attendees, Hog Roast Yorkshire is able to address even the largest of events.