Increase Your Corn Crop Yield with These Techniques

A farmer’s main aim is to produce quality crop yields. Access to new agricultural technologies and farming methods gives farmers the opportunity to improve their crop production. By being able to understand and test the quality of their soil as well as using quality equipment for farming crops will maximise your return on investment.

Here are 9 techniques to increase your corn crop yield.

  1. Plant at the right time

Once your soil is ready, you should plant. There are various tests you can perform to make sure your soil is ready for planting.

  1. Plant alternative crops to diversify the demands of your soil

Planting corn on the same fields consecutively can cause poorer yields. This is because the corn crops sap out the needed nutrients from the soil and leaves less nutrients for the next seeds. Consider alternating crops as different crops demand different nutrients from the soil.

  1. Examine your soil

Examine levels of phosphorus, potassium and fertilisation to ensure that effective soil conditions are forming for your crop.

  1. Take a closer look at your fields

Scout your fields on foot.  By carefully assessing your soil conditions, you can notice any weeds and also make sure your crop looks healthy.

  1. Deal with weeds as soon as they occur

Scouting your fields will ensure that you see weeds as they start to grow. Get rid of weeds quickly to prevent them from ruining your crop.

  1. Manage the amount of water your crops receive

To maximise your corn’s yield potential, make sure your crop in getting enough water as well as not being over-watered. By ensuring effective drainage, your crops will not be waterlogged and your soil will not be salinized, both of which effect the final yield.

  1. Fertilise your soil

Fertilise your soil when you plant the seeds to ensure that the seeds get essential nutrients they need to grow.

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